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Join Us on Sunday September 23rd, 2018!

Community-Led Cannabis Research Symposium

11AM-5PM @ District Hall Boston, MA

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Past Events

June 28, 2018: Event #5: Cannabis Cultivation and Extraction Best Practices and Standards

Miss the webinar? No problem! You can watch the webinar HERE

June 6, 2018 WEBINAR: Data, Tools, and Strategies for Advocating for Equity in the Cannabis Industry. 

Check out the MassLive News Article HERE

Miss the webinar? No problem! You can watch the webinar HERE

May 28, 201 Event #4: Cannabis and the Potential to Impact the Opioid Epidemic 

Read the news article Here

Read the MassLive News Article HERE

March 28, 2018 Event #3: Research Collaborations from Seed to Bedside – G-Tek Labs, South Boston, MA

Miss the event? No problem! You can watch the event HERE

February 26, 2018 Event #2: Cannabis Community First – Roxbury Community College, Roxbury, MA

Miss the event? No problem! You can watch the event HERE

January 25, 2018 Event #1: State of Cannabis Science – Canopy City, Somerville, MA 

Miss the event? No problem you can read the report HERE

C3RN 2018 Cannabis Science, Education, and Networking Series 

January 2018 –  How can we advance cannabis research in Massachusetts?

The opportunities for cannabis cultivation, laboratory, clinical, social, and public health research in Massachusetts

February 2018 – Community first!

Models and best practices for ensuring engagement and equitable access, consumption, and integration in the industry in Massachusetts

March 2018 – Research collaborations from seed to bedside?

Medical cannabis cultivation, clinical care, and research models in Massachusetts

May 2018 – The relationship between cannabis and opioids: prevention and treatment

Addressing the opioid epidemic using cannabis as a tool in Massachusetts

June 2018 – Connecting through cannabis education and standards?

Creating pathways for multi-sectorial collaboration to advance cannabis science, education, and innovation in Massachusetts

July 2018 – A community-led cannabis research ecosystem

Advancing the medical and adult-use cannabis research agenda in the Commonwealth

November 16, 2017: We won the BU Cannabis Start-up Competition!

We Won!  Read the full story here:  Plenty of Fresh Ideas at Questrom’s Cannabis Start-up Competition 

November 14, 2017: Final Pitch for the BU Cannabis Ancillary Start-up Competition!

We were selected as one of the top five finalists for the BU BUzz Lab and Green Lion Partners Ancillary Cannabis Startup Competition! We proposed developing an innovative financially sustainable Center of Excellence for Cannabis Care and Research in Massachusetts. Come watch our final pitch for the hopeful $10,000 prize on November 14, 2017 at the Boston University Questrom School of Business!

October 28-29, 2017: NECANN Providence, Rhode Island

Come visit our Booth at the NECANN Rhode Island Expo! You can also hear our Co-Founders give talks on advancing Science in the Cannabis Industry!

October 14 – 15, 2017: NECANN Portland, Maine

We had a great time at NECANN in Portland this year! Our Co-Founders led two panel discussions, we saw great friends and colleagues, and can’t wait for the Rhode Island event later this month!

September 16 – 17, 2017: 28th Annual Freedom Rally, Boston, MA

Come see us at the 2017 Boston Freedom Rally this weekend.  We’ll have a booth at the Education Village and are hosting a panel on home growing basics at Tent 3 at 5:00 Saturday.  Check out the Home Growing Basics Panel Summary here.

Our sister company, the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN), will have a panel at 4:00 PM Sunday on the main stage focusing on the science of Cannabis and creating a Center of Excellence for Cannabis Research in Massachusetts.

July 15 – 16, 2017: CannaCon, Boston, MA

Was a great time learning and meeting new Cannabis colleagues from all over New England!

August 9, 2017: Home Grown Boston, Roxbury, MA

Looking forward to meeting everyone from Home Grown Boston Home Grown this Thursday at the Inner Sactum!