C3RN Partners

C3RN is collaborating with academics, clinicians, dispensaries, government, growers, and patients to understand how cannabis can be used to positively impact social, clinical, and public health outcomes.


The aim of precision medicine is to account for individual variability in environment, lifestyle, and genes when making medical decisions. Towards this end, C3RN has partnered with xChemistry to work towards a better understanding of how our genes relate to cannabis.

xChemistry has spent the last 20 years working to combine the latest research with the the latest technology to reveal details about an individual's unique fitness and nutrition requirements. More recently, xChemistry has turned their attention to cannabis and are working to understand how individuals process and react to cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis.

You can order your genetic test through the following link and the coupon code below will get you a $20 discount: https://xchemistrydna.com/

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