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“… findings highlight the importance of consistent, evidence-based training of those providing specific recomendations of cannabis strains or cannabinoid concentrations for a given patient condition. […] Furthermore, given the quickly evolving literature in this field, it seems necessary for individuals to receive regular updates¬†via continuing medical education.”

Huang, N. A., et al

Training and Practices of Dispensary Staff, Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research (2016)


Cannabis 101

Are you new to Cannabis? Wondering where to begin? Come check out our Cannabis 101 section that contains everything from the history of Cannabis use (it pre-dates the invention of the wheel, by a lot!) to all the different ways we can use Cannabis.


The Endocannabinoid System

Do you want to know how Cannabis works in the body and brain? Do you want to understand why some strains make you get the munchies while others leave you couchlocked? Take a deep dive into one of the most important systems in our body – the Endocannabinoid System.


Current Research

Are you interested in finding out what scientists have to say about Cannabis use? Are you tired of reading the obvious propoganda and looking for facts straight from peer-reviewed journals? This section is recommended for those who have already read the previous two sections and have a strong curiosity for Cannabis research.

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Our blog posts are written by C3RN team members with specific expertise in Cannabis.

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