C3RN Services

C3RN provides advocacy, program implementation, research, and educational services for the Cannabis, clinical, public health, and policy communities.

Cannabis Advocacy

As a social justice oriented organization, C3RN is working at the State and local levels in Massachusetts to advocate for an expanded research agenda to document innovations and best practices related to medical and adult-use Cannabis.

Our team of community activists, Cannabis experts, technology, legal, finance, medical, and public health experts can help your organization with:

  • Developing socially-conscious Cannabis license applications: Consulting services to develop city/town/state specific evidence-based policy, legal, and regulatory recommendations for Cannabis license business plans and applications. We can also consult on the status of the regulations in Massachusetts and help companies navigate the local and State-level license applications.
  • Writing evidence-based white papers related to adult-use and medical Cannabis: Our team of academics can help you with policy, research, and analytic services to support license applicants, or other parties to use as support for obtaining licenses at city or town levels.
  • Community outreach and events: Community outreach and educational events to support companies interested in moving into communities to orient the public about the medical value of Cannabis, de-stigmatizing Cannabis, and effective ways to design youth prevention programs.
Cannabis Programs

At C3RN, we are engaged in advancing the science and research related to the potential benefits of medical and adult-use Cannabis on health, social, and economic outcomes. We are interested in not only publishing papers in academic journals, but also believe in putting these research findings into practice. We partner with dispensaries and other stakeholders to design programs that aim to de-stigmatize the use of Medical Cannabis, develop clinical education courses, design clinical protocols and tools to integrate Cannabis as a therapeutic alternative to prescription medications.

Design, Implement, and Evaluate Programs that encourage: 

  • Medical Cannabis referral programs between Cannabis cultivators, dispensaries, and processors with various health programs including assisted living facilities, Veterans services, and substance abuse programs to introduce Cannabis as a therapeutic alternative to prescription medications
  • Developing standards, clinical algorithms, digital data collection tools for Medical Cannabis clinicians and patients that advance the science and integration of Medical Cannabis within healthcare settings
  • Promote equitable participation and job access in the Cannabis Industry for those who have been disproportionately affected by the drug war, Veterans, women, and other minorities to ensure equitable access
Cannabis Research

The Cannabis Industry faces major challenges related to the evidence base for medical and adult-use Cannabis. Research funding is limited, and there is a need for more human-based studies related to the medical impacts of Cannabis. This is why C3RN is developing a network of local researchers, clinicians, public health professionals, and Cannabis industry experts to advance the field forward. We are committed to advancing the evidence base for medical Cannabis and integrating its use into mainstream healthcare settings.

  • Design and Conduct Medical Cannabis Research Studies with Cannabis cultivators, dispensaries, and healthcare partners. We can help you design, implement, and publish any type of research study that can measure the impact of your Cannabis products on specific health and disease outcomes. Our experts can help you with a variety of study designs:
    • Academic policy reviews and recommendations
    • Best practices documentation
    • Mixed methods, qualitative, and anecdotal studies
    • Retrospective and prospective studies
    • Implementation science and real-world observation studies (designing real world programs and studying them over time to see impacts)
    • Pre and post intervention, and case-control studies
    • Randomized clinical trials and other rigorous research designs
  • Medical Cannabis Research Target Populations
    • Medical and self-medicating Cannabis dispensary and caregiver clients
    • Elderly, assisted living facilities, nursing homes
    • Veterans clinical and social support programs
    • Pediatric populations for CBD
    • Pain management and other primary care settings
    • All other qualifying conditions: cancer, ALS, MS, HIV, etc.
  • Social, Public Health, and Economic Research Topics
    • Equity and Job access in the Cannabis Industry
    • Cannabis Youth Prevention
    • Impaired Driving
    • Impact of Cannabis on the opioid epidemic
    • Innovative models for craft co-operatives that promote local industry engagement and ownership
  • Customizable Medical Cannabis mobile data collection tools, clinical protocols, and algorithms can be jointly developed to support Dispensary patients and clients use Medical Cannabis for treating qualifying conditions.
    • C3RN is developing a Digital Health Suite of tools that serve Cannabis patients, clinicians and dispensaries. Using our extensive experience designing nationally scaled digital health tools globally, we can work with your team to design clinical protocols and algorithms by health condition and research protocols that validate these tools and protocols.
    • We can develop custom analytics and reporting tools that link Cannabis products to health outcomes which can increase the value of Medical Cannabis products, retain your customer base, and help patients determine which Cannabis product, strain, and type is most effective in treating individual health problems.
Cannabis Education

Less than 2% of the registered clinicians in Massachusetts are licensed to recommend Cannabis. There is a widespread lack of pre-service education and training for clinicians on the endocannabinoid system and the benefits of Medical Cannabis. There is room to expand the continuing medical education options for clinicians to learn the benefits of Medical Cannabis. At C3RN, we are partnering with leading clinicians and researchers to design state-of-the-art continuing education programs to encourage clinicians and patients alike to gain the knowledge and skills to apply medical Cannabis therapies to treatment regimens for qualifying health conditions. These medical trainings can also benefit Cannabis dispensary staff, patient educators, and customer service staff.

Educational Services: 

  • Continuing medical and nursing education courses for physicians, nurses, and other health professionals on key Cannabis clinical and public health topics
  • Cannabis Sales Representative (“Budtender”) training on medical Cannabis topics and counseling medical patients on right selection of products for particular disease outcomes
  • Community education events to de-stigmatize the use of Medical Cannabis and increase medical Cannabis patient populations
  • Research Methods Training for Cannabis industry professionals to promote and encourage advancing the science related to medical Cannabis products and their impact on health outcomes and indications.
Center of Excellence for Cannabis Care and Research in Massachusetts

At C3RN, we have a vision that Massachusetts can be a leader in Cannabis Care and Research, both on social adult use and the impacts of Medical Cannabis. We believe that Massachusetts can embrace a broad research and care model agenda that highlights all aspects of the industry gaps and best practices. Models of evidence-based and informed medical Cannabis integration, equitable job access in the Industry, local co-op craft Cannabis models, youth prevention, among others, can support the State to develop best practices that can be scaled up within the broader United States and Internationally. That is why we want to support the development of a Center of Excellence for Cannabis Care and Research in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Our vision is to develop a financially sustainable Virtual Cannabis Center of Excellence (CoE) embracing collaboration, research, and open-source principles can facilitate communication, coordination, knowledge exchange, and develop best practices among the Cannabis, State, Healthcare, Consumer, Patient, and Academic Communities. 

C3RN is looking for interested in partnering with Founding Members, Strategic Advisors, and Cannabis Industry Leaders to initiate the formation of a Virtual CoE that would be governed by a neutral advisory board. Founding members and the board of directors will be instrumental in designing the legal structure, guiding principles, and initial set up of the CoE for a formal launch in early 2018.

Please visit the CoE website here for more information: www.cannacenterofexcellence.org